1. GO TO  www.oceangrovegc.com.au website
  2. On right hand side click MiCLUB LINK - Tee Bookings, plus ..
  3. Enter USER NAME (last 3 or 4 Digits of golf-link number - no leading zeroes)
  4. Enter PASSWORD (initially your birth daymonth '0409' = September 4)
  5. On Top Bar select  ‘BOOKINGS’
  6. Select  ‘OPEN GAME’ required
  7. Select  ‘TIME SLOT’ required
  8. Tick your name
  9. In bottom boxes enter partners names
  10. Tick boxes next to names
  11. Click ‘CONFIRM


You can go direct to the MiClub site at oceangrove.1golf.com.au


Call the Golf Shop if there are issues logging on.