Ocean Grove Golf Club Inc.

(A0008883M)        9 Guthridge Street, Ocean Grove, 3226 | Ph 03 5256 2795


Membership of the Club is open to any person elected by the Committee of Management.
There are two categories of membership:
  • General Body of Members
    • Honorary Life Member; and
    • Ordinary Member.
  • Restricted Members
    • Social Member;
    • Junior Member; and Student Member;
    • Honorary Member.
The General Body of Members are entitled to all the rights and privileges of the Club including voting rights.
Restricted members are entitled to all the rights and privileges of the Club except voting rights.
All members are subject to restrictions imposed by legislation such as the Liquor Control Act (1989).
The Committee have approved the scale of subscriptions for the year commencing July 2019 as follows:
Ordinary Member       $562 (Including $62 Golf Australia Affiliation Fee)
Student (19 to 25)     $242 (Including $62 Golf Australia Affiliation Fee)
Junior (14 to  18)       $104 (Including $44 Golf Australia Affiliation Fee) 
Junior (13 and under) $ 64 (Including $44 Golf Australia Affiliation Fee) 
Social Member           $ 35

Membership of the Club may be obtained by completing the Membership Application Form, and submitting it to the Club together with the membership subscription.