Ocean Grove Golf Club Inc.

(A0008883M)        9 Guthridge Street, Ocean Grove, 3226 | Ph 03 5256 2795

Conditions of Play and Practice


1. Members are able to bring Guest(s) with the permission of the Captain or his nominee for competition play, other than for Major or trophy events. Guests must pay competition fees and green fees.

2. Members competition times for play are as follows:

                                                                              Green Fee Times
      Tuesday      :    7 am to 1 pm                              ** From 1:00 pm
      Wednesday  :   4 am to 6 pm    (Summer only)     ** Before 4:00 pm
      Thursday     :   7 am to 1 pm                               ** From 1:00 pm
      Friday         :   7 am to 1 pm                                ** From 1:00 pm
      Saturday     :   7 am to 3:30 pm                           ** From 3:30 pm
      Sunday       :   7 am to 9.30am    (as needed)       ** From 11:00 am

** Green Fee starting times are at the discretion of the Golf Shop attendant.


  1. All Competitions are to be played from 1st Tee only. At its discretion, the Match Committee may waive this condition.
  2. Slow play is the bane of all golf clubs. All members should consider how best to speed up their own play. The player on the lowest handicap must ensure that all players in his/her group play with expedition and that his/her group maintains its correct position in the field. This, however, does not relieve others in the group of their responsibility to avoid slow play. (Slow penalty - Two (2) strokes).
  3. Once a player can no longer score on a hole being played, he/she must not continue to play on that hole.
  4. As golf is a game where normally there is no referee or umpire, members are placed on their honour, “to play the game,” as it not only concerns an opponent, but in a competition round, it concerns the whole field. Therefore, you must honour and observe the rules and immediately notify opponents of any infringement or penalties that may occur.
  5. In all cases the lowest handicapped player in the group is the captain of all matches and must see that divots are replaced, foot marks in bunkers are smoothed, pug marks are repaired on the green and that the rules of etiquette are observed.
  6. Junior members must have at least one senior member in the group for competition play.
  7. All players must carry and use a sand bucket at all times.
  8. Players who are unable to play without the use of a motorised cart must obtain a Doctor’s Certificate and the approval of the Committee.
  9. The Match Committee reserves the right to alter or vary any, or all, of the competition conditions.
  10. To study and observe the Rules and Etiquette of Golf.
  11. To protect the Clubs property, particularly trees and shrubs and fences etc.
  12. Practice on the Course is allowed with a maximum of two (2) balls. (ONLY when play permits). The Course must be played in normal sequence during practice.
  13. Any match playing a whole round is entitled to pass a match playing a shorter round.
  14. If a player fails to keep their place on the Course and loses more than one (1) hole on the players in front, they shall call the following group playing behind to go through.





To be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf and any Temporary Local Rules

1.      OUT OF BOUNDS   (Rule 27-1)

(i)         Beyond any fence and/or white stakes with black tops bounding the course.

(ii)         The clubhouse and surrounding garden beds.


If a tree/shrub (including guards/stakes) under two club-lengths in height interferes with a players stance or the area of intended swing, the player MUST take relief in accordance with Rule 24-2b(i).


(i)        All Stakes and/or Signs defining GUR areas, Dropping Points, Water Hazards or Lateral Water Hazards.

(ii)       All Mesh Screens, and Seats.

(iii)      All Watering Equipment, and in addition, relief is available when a Sprinkler Head that is on or within two club-lengths of the green intervenes on the line of play of a ball off the green but within 2 club-lengths of the Sprinkler Head. Specimen Local Rule 6 of Appendix 1, Part B of the Rules of Golf applies.

(iv)      Any Path or Roadway.

4.      WATER HAZARDS    (Rule 26)

(i)        Water Hazards are defined by YELLOW stakes and/or lines.

(ii)       Lateral water hazards are defined by RED stakes and/or lines.

(iii)      For all play from the MENS 9th TEE only, both dams are defined as WATER HAZARDS.

(iv)      For play on the 8th hole, as additional relief for a ball entering the lateral water hazard to the rear of the 8th green, under penalty of one stroke, the player may drop a ball within one club-length of the designated dropping stake.

(v)       For play from the MENS 18th TEE, if there is doubt whether a ball is in or is lost in the Water Hazard or Lateral Water Hazard, the player may play another ball provisionally under any of the applicable options in Rule 26-1. (See Appendix 1 Part B-1).


5.      GROUND UNDER REPAIR   (Rule 26)

(i)        All areas defined by blue stakes and/or white lines, GUR signage and/or Rope.

(ii)       Solidly embedded stones through the green.

(iii)      Wheel Ruts made by course equipment or a motorised vehicle.

6.      POWER LINES (Rule 20-5)

If a ball strikes overhead Power Lines on Hole 15, the stroke MUST be cancelled and replayed without penalty.


For all play at Ocean Grove, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. Specimen Local Rule 9 of Appendix 1, Part B of The Rules of Golf applies.